Kogalymavia A321

Kogalymavia A321 flight number 9268 was reported crashing down 23 minutes after took off at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Egypt headed to St. Petersburg, Russia. There were 217 passengers and 7 crew on-board, the death toll of 224 people. The flight 9268 is one of the deadliest aircraft crash in Egypt at once the deadliest aircraft accident involving Airbus A321 series ever.

The authority of Egypt said that 214 of them were Russians and another three were Ukrainian. The crashed site located around Sinai Peninsula, near Al-Irish City. Also the authority said that the aircraft was reported technical problems and requested for re-routing the flight, after that the aircraft completely lost contact.

Kogalymavia airline, headquartered in Kogalym, Tyulem, Russia. The airline has operating name Metrojet, so whole fleet have Metrojet livery, not Kogalymavia. Airline's main business is international charter services, most of them are leisure destinations. These were what happened in a flight 9268, hundreds of Russian have some vacations in Egypt and getting back to Russia. Kogalymavia operating six Airbus A321s and another 20 A321s on list order as well as two Bombardier Challenger 850s for VIP charter aircraft, the data taken per October 2015.

Kogalymavia A321 vertical stabilizer

After two days, Kogalymavia crash has blamed for any external influence. This statement released by senior airline official while black box investigations has yet to give any conclusions. At the same time, head of Russia's Federal Aviation Agency told that it was very premature and too early to speculate any cause of the crash. Below picture shown us the Kogalymavia A321 debris at main crash site. Some debris flown away to more than 9 miles from the main crash site.

Kogalymavia A321 crash site

Kogalymavia A321 Crash [Updated]

Korean Air A380 Rotating Takeoff

Worlds largest commercial passengers aircraft, Airbus A380-800 of Korean Air while rotating takeoff at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Behind the aircraft is the tallest tower in North America. This photo taken by Carlos Barcelo, the timing of photo shoot was amazing. Korean Air A380 has registered number HL7621 and become one of the first A380 fly to/from Atlanta.

Korean Air has total ten Airbus A380s in their fleet, most of them operating in long-haul flights to Europe and Trans-pacific flights. Korean Air also national flag carrier of South Korea, headquartered in Seoul.

Korean Air A380 Rotating Takeoff at Atlanta Airport

Lockheed Martin F-35

The F-35 Jet Fighter manufactured by Lockheed Martin while approaching Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Thanks to Alex R. Lloyd for this amazing photo shoot. The jet fighter came from 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and this multi-role jet fighter is the F-35A variant.

The F-35A variant is the conventional takeoff and landing variant, the jet is smallest lightest among another F-35's family (F-35B & F-35C). The primary user of F-35A is US Air Force and installed with GAU-22/A internal cannon and M61 Vulcan Cannon.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Approaching Hill AFB

Gulfstream G650

One of the fastest business or private jet in the market, Gulfstream G650 while cruising on beautiful sunset scene. The business jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, they develop, manufacture as well as service, especially on business jet aircraft. They owned by General Dynamics, one of the largest defense contractor.

Beside of fastest, Gulfstream also claims that the G650 is the largest on its class. It can fly about Mach 0.925  at cruising speed and carrying 20 passengers, including 2 pilots. Two o Rolls-Royce BR725 Turbofan engines power an aircraft, so it able to carry more than 45 tonnes at maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) and about 13,000 km of normal flight range or 'only' 11,100 km of flight range during fast cruise.

The G650 first flown back in 2009 and officially entered services in 2010. The private jet cost you more than USD 65 million per unit, buy it then forget check-in gate at public airport.

Gulfstream G650 Business Jet Cruising on Sunset Scene

Beechcraft King Air

Beechcraft has successfully deliver of Beechcraft King Air 350i to Chinese aviation services, AVIC Hebei General Aviation (HGAC).

Surprisingly, this will the first King Air 350i in the country which dedicated to serve charter or private flight services. The HGAV to place the aircraft based in Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province.

HGAC is one of the largest private aviation services in China, they only have propeller-driven aircraft in its fleet such as, Cessna Caravan 208, AVIC Y5/B as well as Beechcraft King Air 350i.

Beechcraft King Air 350i is a twin-turbo-propeller aircraft that claimed as the best fuel performance and flight range on it class. The King Air 350i equipped with sophisticated avionics systems such as head-up display of flight director as well as enhanced autopilot situational  awareness, all of those bundled within Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21. The aircraft also allow to carry up to nine passengers.

Beechcraft Delivers King Air 350i to Chinese Aviation

Ryanair Boeing 737-800

One of the most popular low-cost carrier in Europe, came from Ireland, Ryanair. This time avioners posts about Ryanair Boeing 737-800 during landing attempt at Trieste - Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, the airport also known before as Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, located in the north-eastern of Italy. There was a smoke around its landing gear while on touch down runway. This stunning timing photo taken by Lucian.

Speaking of Ryanair, this airline is one of the largest airline in Europe, in terms of passengers. According to 2014 statistics, Ryanair carried more than 86 million passengers lied in second position below Lufthansa Group. The carrier headquartered in Swords Dublin, Ireland most of their operations based at London Stansted and Dublin Airport. They operating hundreds of Boeing 737-800s and another hundreds of newest Boeing 737 MAX in coming years. Ryanair has more than 190 destinations to Europe as well as North Africa.

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 Smoke on Touch Down